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chrisn3901's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 65 Points


Rowdy Unlocked 7/28/15
5 Points
Complete five levels with the "Atrocious!" mark
Assassin Unlocked 8/18/15
10 Points
Complete the fourth level with a single shot
Bloodthirsty Unlocked 7/28/15
10 Points
Shoot someone on the fourteenth level
Bully Unlocked 7/28/15
10 Points
Complete ten levels with the "Atrocious!" mark
Ladykiller Unlocked 7/28/15
10 Points
Complete the ninth level by shooting both ladies within a one second time span
Patricide Unlocked 7/28/15
10 Points
Complete the third level with shooting the gentleman first, then the lady and then - the child
Strikebreaker Unlocked 7/29/15
10 Points
Complete the twelfth level with two shots
Backstabber 10 Points Trigger only one lever while completing the twenty-fourth level
Burglar 10 Points Hit all slopes on the tenth level without shooting the couple
Crook 10 Points Complete the first level with a single shot and four ricochets
Gunslinger 10 Points Complete the twentieth level in 10 seconds
Hoodlum 10 Points Complete fifteen levels with the "Atrocious!" mark
Luddite 10 Points Trigger all levers on the fifteenth level before shooting working fellas
Mercykiller 10 Points Complete the twenty-first level without triggering the lever
Riffraff 10 Points Shoot ladies before working fella while completing the thirteenth level
Roughneck 10 Points Shoot all respectable citizens before working fella while completing the second level
Rube 10 Points Do not activate the rotating platform while completing the seventeenth level
Satanist 10 Points Complete the sixth level with shooting six citizens with one bullet
Schemer 10 Points Trigger all levers on the eighteenth level
Scourge 10 Points Complete the twenty-second level with zero bullets left
Sharpshooter 10 Points Complete the sixteenth level in 30 seconds
Sniper 10 Points Complete the nineteenth level in 20 seconds
Wriggler 10 Points Do not hit any slopes while completing the fifth level
Blindshot 25 Points Shoot each citizen on the eighth level after five bullet ricochets
Childkiller 25 Points Complete the seventh level with shooting child first
Fraud 25 Points Find a way to complete the eleventh level without hitting every slope
Saboteur 25 Points Do not hit any clouds while completing the twenty-fifth level
Vandal 25 Points Hit all lamps while completing the twenty-third level
Villain 25 Points Complete twenty levels with the "Atrocious!" mark
Fiend 50 Points Complete all levels with the "Atrocious!" mark

Medals Earned: 7/30 (65/425 points)